Come In the Garage with us as we explore the RV Towing starter kit from CURT.

Towing your camper trailer is easy with this all-in-one kit. It is ideal for vehicles weighing less than 5,000 lbs. and trailers between 3,500 and 5,000 lbs. However, the components within the kit are tested and rated for up to 7,500 lbs. maximum.

The included RockerBall™ cushion hitch ball makes towing smoother and more comfortable, featuring dynamic, adaptive ShockDrop™ technology. Integrated isolators absorb bumps and vibrations at the hitch connection, promoting increased comfort, confidence and control for the driver. Unlike other cushion hitch options, RockerBall™ is simple and virtually maintenance-free, yet highly effective.

This RV camper hitch kit also includes a ball mount with 2" shank and RockerBall™ factory-torqued into place. The ball mount provides a 2" rise and fits most class 3, class 4 and class 5 receiver hitches. The ball mount also has a welded tab to attach the included trailer sway control unit, adding even more safety on the road.

Finally, to complete this travel trailer hitch kit, it comes with the Echo® mobile brake controller. This unique brake controller is a first-of-its-kind Bluetooth brake controller that syncs with your Apple or Android phone and uses an intuitive app to operate the trailer brakes. Echo® plugs into your vehicle's 7-way RV blade connection and features a powerful triple-axis accelerometer for smooth, effective braking.

Product Specifications:

  • Complete kit to maximize comfort and control when towing a small travel trailer
  • Ideal for vehicles less than 5,000 lbs. GVW and trailers 3,500 to 5,000 lbs. GTW
  • Rated for a maximum of 7,500 lbs. GTW and 750 lbs. TW
  • Loaded ball mount with RockerBall cushion hitch ball and welded sway tab
  • RockerBall dampens jerking and jarring for smoother towing
  • Echo brake controller uses Bluetooth and smartphone to control trailer brakes
  • Echo easily plugs into 7-way RV blade connection for zero-tool setup
  • Sway control unit helps limit lateral trailer movement to reduce sway
  • Anti-rattle helps stop vibration and shank movement
  • Ball mount fits 2" x 2" receiver tube openings and 2-5/16” trailer couplers
  • Tested for safety to meet SAE J684 specifications
  • Limited lifetime warranty (one-year finish, one-year parts)


  • Includes 2-5/16” RockerBall #40248, sway tab ball mount #45820, Echo brake controller #51180, sway control kit #17200 and anti-rattle #22321