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Smittybilt, a renowned name in the world of off-roading, has established a long-standing reputation for delivering dependable aftermarket solutions. Founder Basil Smith, fondly known as Smitty, embarked on a journey in 1956 when he established Smitty's Custom Auto. With a visionary mindset, Smitty recognized the increasing demand for vehicle customization and passionately took up the challenge to meet it. His garage served as the birthplace of Smittybilt, where he started crafting and selling custom accessories for Jeeps and other off-road vehicles. Word quickly spread about Smitty's innovative products and reliable customer service, garnering him a dedicated fan base.

Tom Smith, Smitty's son, followed in his father's footsteps and joined the team at "Smittybilt". Together, they expanded and diversified the product line, introducing accessories like the original "Nerf Bar" side-step and the timeless tubular front and rear bumpers that have become synonymous with iconic Jeep builds. Smittybilt's commitment to quality remains steadfast, evident in their extensive range of reliable parts.

Today, Smittybilt, Inc. thrives as a team of passionate enthusiasts who continue to push the boundaries of innovation. Operating from their dedicated R&D and Manufacturing facilities in Southern California, their engineers meticulously design and develop products that cater to Jeep®, Truck, and SUV owners, enabling them to fully embrace the exhilarating off-road lifestyle. Every product undergoes rigorous testing, not just for normal wear and tear, but also against the challenges of off-road adventures. This commitment to durability is why Smittybilt proudly offers a Lifetime Structural Warranty on most of their products – because they are built to conquer any trail.

With an unwavering dedication to the off-road community, Smittybilt remains at the forefront, constantly evolving and delivering exceptional solutions that empower enthusiasts to unleash their passion for exploration.