As the year draws to a close, we wanted to share some metrics with you that may help the research and development portion of your purchasing process!You'll notice some trends as far as manufacturers go here... But without further adieu, here are the top 10 best selling products of 2021!

Sportz 84000 Napier Sportz SUV Tent with Screen Room
With the thing going on, (you know… the thing that no one wants to talk about) more and more people headed outdoors in 2021. It’s no question that Napier’s truck and SUV tents are one of the best and economical ways to spend a night outdoors. Set it up inside the box of your truck or on the back of your SUV, toss in a mattress of your choice, and you’re snoozing in no time. Are there more eloquent options for the job – absolutely. A roof top tent on an overlanding rack or simply a luxury camping tent may provide you with more room and perhaps some creature comforts, but this tent gets you up off the ground and set up in no time at all.
ARB 815242 Awning; Canvas; 2000 x 2500;
This may come as a bit of surprise to you – as it did to us. I guess a lot of people had awning incidents in 2021 and were in need of a replacement canvas. We do occasionally have customers ordering these, mistakenly thinking they are getting a whole awning setup… But I think we can all agree that for ~$170, that would be a farfetched expectation. Nonetheless, for one reason or another, these are our 2nd best-selling item!
Husky Liners 79161 Rear Wheel Well Guards
Wheel liners make the task of washing your truck so SO much easier, it’s no wonder these wheel liners for the ’21 F-150 made this list. It is statistically the best selling truck in Canada, after all. This is a necessity for all trucks, in my humble opinion, especially considering the relative low cost of entry.
CURT 16027 Puck System 5th Wheel Adapter with Rails, Select Chevy, Ford, GMC, 25K
If you have a late model HD truck (specifically GM and Ford for this sku) and you have an older rail and pin style 5th wheel hitch, these are one of the better adapters on the market to adapt to the new drop-in puck style OEM prep packages offered on these trucks. They offer all of the functionality of the new puck style drop-in hitches, but without having to sell off your old hitch at a fraction of what you paid. Mathematically, it typically works out to a break-even with the extra cost of the adapter, but without having to spend a bunch of time on Kijiji, Facebook, or the marketplace of your choice.
CURT 13470 Class 3 Trailer Hitch, 2" Receiver, Select Toyota Sienna
In January of 2021 if someone told me that our 5th best-selling product would be a hitch for a Sienna, I probably would’ve laughed hysterically – but yet here we are. Once I collected my thoughts while putting together this list, I gave careful consideration to the fact that this does not necessarily mean everyone is towing with their minivan. Many of these are being used to tote around cargo carriers for those that don’t have a lot of cargo space leftover once all of the seats have been filled. Not to mention, the Siennas are some of Canadas best-selling minivans.
CURT 53201 Auxiliary LED Indicator Lights
Speaking of cargo carriers… If you are using one, this item might be considered a necessity. These lights plug into a 4-pin towing connector and provide additional visibility by way of tail lights, brake lights, and turn signals on your cargo carrier. Cheap insurance to help guard against being rear ended when travelling at night!
ARB 815243 Awning; Canvas; 2500 x 2500;
See notes for #2 on this list 😊
Rhino-Rack USA RWHL Rhino Wall Hangers; Large; Load Rating 80kg/176 lb;
If your vehicle has a roof rack, odds are you’re going to have a cargo box, canoe, or otherwise. Storing these when not in use can be a bit of a headache. This product from Rhino-Rack allows you to mount these up high on the wall of your garage, off the floor, and out of your way. No surprise that these made this list!
Rhino-Rack USA 43196 Folding Aerial Bracket
While we don’t always receive explanations from our customers as to how they plan to use an item, I think it’s safe to assume most of these are being used to mount job site whips and antennae to roof rack systems. These offer a clean install for either use and integrate seamlessly with Rhino-Rack products.
Backrack 15004 Backrack™ Headache Rack Frame
We’re happy to see a Canadian manufacturer make the list. I think by now most people are privy to the purpose of a Backrack – so much so that often times customers think that is the name of the product type, which is technically a “Headache Rack”. You’ll find these on job sites everywhere, and with a wide range of fitment for the racks themselves, with only the mounting brackets (sold separately) being truly vehicle specific, it’s no wonder this item is on our top 10 list.
Well, there you have it. The top 10 automotive accessories of 2021. Some perennials and some surprises as is always the case. If you'd like to see more best-selling items over the last 90 days, we have a dedicated collection found here -