As the year draws to a close, we wanted to share some metrics with you that may help the research and development portion of your purchasing process! Unfortunately, we just missed publishing this prior to Christmas... but something to keep in your back pocket as we go through other gift giving occasions throughout the year!

Rhino-Rack USA M626 Vortex Generating Strip; For Use w/ Vortex Bars
This is pretty much a must-have if you have a Rhino-Rack Vortex system. Not only does it add some aesthetic appeal, but it dramatically reduces the wind noise that roof racks are known for!
Husky Liners 58526 Front and Rear Mud Guard Set
With a new F-150 for 2021 and a history of being the best-selling truck in Canada, it's no wonder that the most economical way to protect your rockers made it onto this list. Great value here.
CURT 22321 Anti-Rattle Hitch Pin Shim Device, Fits 2-Inch Receiver, 1/2-In Hole
No one likes listening to a loose hitch clatter and bang away while you're going down the road. This is the fix. Most common applications would be those that carry a cargo carrier on their vehicle, as the issue is less prevalent while towing.
PIAA 95045 Super Silicone Windshield Wiper Blade; 18 in./450 mm;
People come from far and wide for the PIAA windshield wiper line, but specifically for this one! The dimensions are indicative of commonality on vehicles; however, I find it interesting that the Super Silicone tops the list, as my personal experience with any form of Silicone blades has been less than steller. Nonetheless, the tribe has spoken!
SNO-40008 Snow Performance Boost Juice50/50 High Performance Water-Methanol Fluid.
For those of you not familiar with Water-Methanol injection, the short explanation is that it is sprayed into the intake of an engine with the purpose of reducing or preventing detonation when working with advanced ignition timing or boost curves. Most notably, in order to run a Water-Methanol injection system, you require a Water-Methanol mix... and here we are!
ACCESS Covers 50710 ACCESS® EZ-RETRIEVER® Cargo Reaching Tool;
Trucks are great for hauling copious amounts of miscellaneous junk in the box. However, if you are vertically challenged, have a lifted truck, or maybe those joints of yours ain't what they used to be, you may find use for one of these fellas to help get those hard to reach objects without climbing into the box! This particular model telescopes to a full 5'9", making it a perfect candidate for short box trucks, and most long box trucks, depending on application specifics.
TrailFX 0026416 60 In Rigid Clear Lens Red Brake/Running/Hazard/Turn Signal/White Reverse LED
What would a budget modification conversation even be without a tailgate light bar? If you're a truck owner, odds are you've had a look at these or maybe even owned a few. You get the functionality of running light, brake, turn signal, and reverse lights as well as some increased visibility in harsh conditions. Last, but not least, you get to fill the ugly void that exists between your tailgate and bumper cap!
Rough Country 1090RED Wheel Spacer; Pair; 1.5 in.; Bolt Pattern 5 on 4.5 in.; Preinstalled Studs; Red;
Although I always have been, and always will be an advocate for going with the proper offset wheels, it's no surprise to see wheel spacers make this list. Whether you messed up on your math, picked up a set of used wheels that were almost right, or simply want to offset your OEM wheels a bit, spacers will always be there to help. Just keep in mind these are more for show than go, if you know what I mean!
Bulldog Winch 41001-FMJR Air Compressor 100Psi Portable 1.2Cfm Bulldog Winch
If "every day carry" was a term for vehicles (is it?) this should top the list. When you go pick up that new vehicle of yours, there are two things that should top your list of items to purchase immediately. Winter tires and an air compressor. What are the two main reasons you see vehicles in or around the ditch on the highway? I just provided you with the solutions to both - assuming you didn't let your tire pressure get down low enough to blow it apart completely... You wouldn't do that, would you? 
TPS Unisex Hoodie Red
Last, but most certainly not least... at least in my heart... is the TPS hoodie. We actually sold a pile more of these than I ever anticipated, and admittedly, this red version is also my favorite of the apparel we offer. Yes, they're a little more pricey than we'd like, but because we're in the automotive business, not the apparel business, these are printed on demand and must also be shipped separately from the fulfillment center (you can't ship anything for less than $15 these days) so unfortunately this is about as good as it gets. If you still choose to show us some love on the streets, we appreciate the hell out of you!
Well, there you have it. The most popular automotive accessories under $100. Some perennials and some surprises as is always the case. If you'd like to see more of our most popular items under $100 over the last 90 days, we have a dedicated collection found here.